Due Diligence Research

Prior to filing, Touchstone can prepare an overview of the various legal issues which you will likely encounter during your case.  We will verify the elements of your claim, and identify/ discuss any affirmative defenses which could be raised by the defendant on summary judgment or at trial.  We can also discuss contentious evidentiary issues if applicable.  Simply put, our due diligence work product is designed to maximize your comfort level prior to filing suit.      


Touchstone can help you construct a bullet-proof complaint that will withstand the inevitable dismissal motion from the opposition.  You know that an important element of any lawsuit is momentum, and there is nothing that steals momentum like a successful dismissal motion where your pleading is dismissed due to a correctable pleading error.  You want your lawsuit to take off like a rocket, and we can help you to make it happen.

Motions Practice

This is the heart of Touchstone's legal research and writing services.  We specialize in drafting/responding to dispositive motions.  We know the applicable burdens of proof/production, and we know the applicable evidentiary requirements regarding such motions.  Even if your opponent's dispositive motion looks invincible, let us review it to see if you have any wiggle room to overcome it.

Trial Prep

Touchstone will help get you ready for your trial.  We will prepare trial briefs to conform with your judge's pre-trial order, and other trial-related motions such as motions in limine. Just tell us what you need and when, and we will get it done.  

Appeal Briefs

Touchstone's research attorney clerked for a federal appeals court judge, and he has been researching and writing appellate briefs for over twenty years.  We know how appellate judges evaluate arguments, and we employ simple rules of appellate brief writing, such as you don't include a disingenuous or weak assignment of error (that will hurt the party’s credibility) along with a strong assignment of error.  If you are the appellee, we can help you preserve your hard-fought victory.  If you are the appellant, we will dissect the trial record to find reversible error.

Document Reviews

Touchstone will annotate your depositions so that you know exactly where the depositions help/hurt you.  We will also summarize other forms of documentary evidence for your convenience.  

At Touchstone, we will structure our legal research and writing services to fit your desired level of participation and budget.  If you want a finished product that you simply sign and file, we can do it.  If you wish to write the project and simply need citations to support your legal position, we can do that too.  It's up to you.

Also, we will not take on your research and writing project if we cannot complete it on or before your time deadline.  No excuses.  No exceptions.